Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to take a break from transcribing and come back later?

  • Make sure to click the save button before exiting your browser. It is also a good idea to make a note in the notes box so other transcribers know that the transcription is still in progress.

What if someone else is working on a document that I want to transcribe?

  • If there is already some transcription attached to a page, or there is a note saying that another user is working on the transcription, please find another document to transcribe so that the previous transcriber’s work is not overwritten.

If the document is in a language other than English, do I translate the document?

  • The goal of this project is to produce basic transcriptions of our materials. Please transcribe all materials in their original languages.

What do I do if there is an image included on a page?

  • If the image seems of significance, you can mention it in brackets using this format: [image: short description of image]

Should I transcribe special characters, such as letters with accents?

  • Yes, include special characters such as accents. For a list of numerical shortcuts for accented characters, check out the Penn State guides for Windows and Mac.

Where can I get more information and help transcribing?